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BREAKING NEWS: Sources Report That Minnesota Twins Have Signed Joe Mauer To 10-Year Contract

Joe Mauer

Mark Rosen of WCCO-TV in the Twin Cities is reporting that sources have informed him that Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins have come to a preliminary agreement on a 10-year deal. Details of contract are unavailable at this time.

Mauer, 26, and the Twins had been pretty quiet about contract negotiations, while fans were eager to find out if their hometown hero would be staying put at last weekend’s annual fan festival.

This is Mauer’s final year of his current contract and manager Ron Gardenhire said Friday he was confident that both sides would come together and strike a deal.

More information as the story develops, if the reports end up to be in fact accurate. But if it is: woo-hoo!

Yeah, blatant homerism right there. Simply shameful, I tell you.

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