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Why Wouldn’t I Post This Photo Of Terrence Cody’s Man Boobs? That Is The Question


I know every blog under the sun has already published a post about former Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody’ s, ahem, figure, that he debuted at the first day of practice at the Senior Bowl. At first, I thought, what’s the point? Then I realized that I would be doing myself a tremendous disservice not publishing it and having that wonderful photo a part of the Sportress of Blogitude’s archives for all eternity – or at the very least, until I refuse to pay the annual fee to my hosting site.

So there you have it, folks, in all its splendor. Soak it all in. Terrence Cody is the reason cavemen painted on walls.

And one last thing about posting this a day late: if and when the aliens come down and force humankind into slavery so they can harvest whatever it is the aliens want out of our planet (seashells?), you never know which sports blog they will want to read to pass the time. If they choose my humble blog, at least we can take comfort in the fact that Terrence Cody’s tits will never be forgotten even after humanity has taken its last dying breath. And that’s a good thing.

Site News: I’m sorry to say on that note, the Sportress will be shut down on Thursday and Friday due to some personal affairs that unfortunately need to be attended to. I expect to be writing over at Out of Bounds this weekend so come visit me over there if you like. And as always, thanks for reading.

See you on Monday.