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Alex Ovechkin’s Plan Is To Disfigure Opposing Defensemen One Slapshot At A Time

jack hillen

“Hey Jack Hillen, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” If he does, he might want to hold off for a while at least until the bleeding stops.

Not only were the New York Islanders left reeling after the 7-2 shellacking laid upon them by the Washington Capitals, they are also concerned today with the well-being of Jack Hillen, who took a vicious slapshot off the stick of Alex Ovechkin during the first period of last night’s game.

With the Capitals on the power play, a rebound squeaked outside the slot and just above the faceoff circles. As the Islanders scrambled in their zone to clear the puck, Ovechkin skated in and absolutely unloaded a massive shot. Hillen unfortunately was left defenseless as he took the full force of the slapshot to his face, falling to the ice where a sizable pool of blood began to appear.

Video follows.

(the shot by Ovechkin is about 15 seconds into the highlights)

I’m not a surgeon (although I have played one on TV – no I haven’t) who specializes in radical facial reconstructive surgery, but I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that the result of that violent impact is going to leave a mark. Or a jagged, ghastly scar. One of those two, for sure.

Hillen was rushed to the hospital after he stayed kneeling on the ice for several minutes. As a testament to his toughness, Hillen skated off under his own power whereas a candy-ass like me would have required a Zamboni ambulance right out on the ice. There are such things asĀ  Zamboni ambulances just for these kind of situations, right? If there are not, consider this post my initial claim to trademarking the idea.

A few thoughts from some of those in attendance last night:

“It’s just the game of hockey, and it’s tough when you see somebody go down like that,” Capitals forward Jason Chimera said. “You don’t want anybody to get injured like that, that’s for sure.”

“I was worried for the young man,” Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau said. “You could see all of our guys went over to see if he was OK, too – Alex being the first guy. Everybody on our bench was standing up when he got up, as well as their guys. We hate that. When you’ve got kids playing hockey and you see that, you hope his face is OK.”

For Ovechkin, it must have been devastating to see someone experience such a horrible injury because of something he did, even if it was completely unintentional. Sure, not as bad as being the person who took the puck to the face, but still.

As a friendly gesture, maybe Ovechkin should stop by and check on Hillen at the hospital. He could even bring over some comic books for Hillen to read as he recovers. But at the same time, you never know, Hillen might just tell Ovechkin to “step off.”

“Step off, Alex. I don’t wanna see you.”

“Just beat it, dude!” C’mon, give me a break – it’s a solid Seinfeld reference.

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