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Wake N’ Blog For January 26th: PetSmart Is Not Smart When It Comes To Employee Relations

wake-n-blogWake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. It did it like this, it did it like that, it did it with a wiffle ball bat. Tips and other stuff should be sent here.

• Eric Favetta, a 31-year-old employee at the PetSmart in Secaucus, New Jersey was fired for “theft of services” for bringing his dog into work and placing it in the “doggy day care” facility after he picked up an overnight shift when the store is not even open. PetSmart, a store than encourages customers to bring pets into the store, mind you, eventually offered him another job at a different store but Favetta had already secured other employment. [MSNBC]

• Nearly sixty million people watched the Game That Shall Not Be Named on Sunday evening. [Sports Media Watch]

• Thankfully, only two teams will have their seasons screwed up as the NFL has announced it will not add a second regular season game in Britain in 2010. [Fox Sports]

• A look at the NHL’s “Gordie Howe Hat Trick” which consists of a goal, an assist and a fight in the same game. []

•  Jose? Tiger Wood’s 19th mistress called him “Jose” to cover up the affair. [Out of Bounds]

• Here is a sneak peek at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue documentary. [Sports Biz with Darren Rovell]

• A bunch of Phoenix Coyotes players took on some college students in a game of Flip Cup at a D.C. bar? [Bootlegger Sports]

• Get ready for Gremlins and Ghostbusters in 3D. [Film Drunk]

• So long, Andy. Roddick ousted from the Australian Open. [TSN]

• There will be no “HI THIS IS JI

JIM THOME” going on in the clubhouse for the White Sox next season. [SI/AP]

• What a goddamn liar. Packers GM Ted Thompson insists he didn’t watch any of the NFC Championship game. [The Huddle]

• A story about how a classy move by a high school golfer in 2005 caused him to end up on SI’s Sportsmanship of the Decade list. [Waggle Room]

• Everybody hates Brendan Fraser, right? [Food Court Lunch]

• I don’t care if he is a psychic, Saints kick Garrett Hartley can eat a big bowl of cock. [Second String Fullback]

• Great headline: “NFL Draft Evaluations: The Largest Collection of Homo-Eroticism in Sports” [Joe Sports Fan]

• Special interest groups are asking that CBS do not air Tim Tebow commercial during the Super Bowl. [SI/AP]

• Here’s a great story: a seven-year-old British schoolboy has raised over 100,000 pounds for relief money for Haiti by riding his bike around a park. [Yahoo!/AP]

• Headline of the Day from The Onion: “Brad Childress Consoles Self Over Loss With A Little Pedophilia” [The Onion]

• Video of a woman fainting during The Price is Right.