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The Coin That Will Be Used For Super Bowl Toss Traveled Into Outer Space

The Space Shuttle Atlantis – pictured above docking with the Russian Space Station Mir way back in 1995 –  had some precious cargo aboard the ship during its most recent mission. Okay, not really “precious” in the true sense of the word, but maybe interesting? Okay, not really interesting either, but it’s somewhat related to sports, so there you go.

During an 11-day mission this past November, the coin that will be used for the official toss at Super Bowl XLIV in Miami was aboard the Atlantis, along with some other football memorabilia.

Along with the coin, Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys jerseys and a football inscribed with the names of all Hall of Fame members were on the shuttle flight. All the items will be presented to the Hall in Canton, Ohio, on Wednesday.

Detroit Lions, eh? Huh. I suppose even the Hall of Fame needs to throw that franchise a bone every once in a while.

For those people who feel that NASA frequently pisses away money that could be better used especially considering these trying economic times, have no fear: from what I understand about the cost of space travel, bringing along the NFL cargo probably only cost taxpayers an additional $78 million. But I should point out I know absolutely nothing about space travel, except for what I have gleaned from watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, so my guess is that NASA put a Klingon in charge of the security for the memorabilia.

Klingons are real, right?

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