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OMG! Paul Rudd Spotted At New York Bar During Football Games!


Those Hollywood big shots and their highfalutin, party-all-the-time lifestyles!

A “spy” has reported that Paul Rudd, best known for his starring role in Overnight Delivery, was spotted hanging out at Lansdowne, a sports bar in New York City Sunday evening after the NFC Championship game and actually interacted with some of the other patrons! That’s crazy stuff, indeed. You know, because he lives in New York City and is known as a pretty friendly, outgoing person.

A spy at the Chelsea hangout says that when a group of women at the next table recognized him and started quoting from his flick “Knocked Up,” the actor joined in the fun.

“He was finishing their sentences, and they were all doubled over laughing,” a fellow football fan told us. “Much of the bar started joining in.”

So, people spot Paul Rudd at a bar and the they can come up with are Knocked Up references? I don’t know if it’s ever a good time to remind someone that they once had to work with that arrogant, overrated hag Katherine Heigl.

Yeah, I went there. I don’t even care if she hears about it. MEEEEEE-YOWWWW, amirite?

Ah, who am I kidding? To be honest, I was just trying out some celebrity-sports snarkiness here and this post was simply an unsolicited audition for a writing gig for TMZ Sports.  How do you think I did? I’m pretty confident you would just tell me I did totally awesome, so don’t even bother letting me know.  But hey, TMZ: call me!

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