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Last Call: ‘Wait, There Are Gay Bars In Alabama?’ Edition

club evolution

Above is the sign for Club Evolution, a gay bar in Foley, Alabama. The owner for Club Evolution, Sixto Rivera, Jr., is arguing that a new ordinance requiring all bars to close at 2:00 a.m. hurts his business more than other drinking establishments. Further, he claims that the ordinance is simply a means to shut down his club.

“If you say there’s a problem, let’s see it with your own eyes,” Rivera told council members. “Don’t do this, because you’re taking away my rights as an American; my rights as a business owner and their rights as voters and citizens. To have the same rights as you people who were born and raised here in Foley.”

Rivera said city officials are trying to close the bar because some of his customers are gay.

“They call me a gay club,” he said. “If that’s what you’re going to call me, that’s what you’re going to call me because I’m open to everybody.”

I don’t know, maybe the fact that the sign has interlocking transgender-intersexual symbols might have something to do with the assumption that the bar caters to, shall we say, less “traditional” clientele,” at least what the term “traditional clientele” may mean in Alabama.

I’m sure the patrons of Club Evolution are relieved that Sixto Rivera, Jr. isn’t going down without a fight. Wait, that’s not right.


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