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Wake N’ Blog For January 22nd: OMG! If You Take The ‘C’ And The ‘L’ Out Of The Word ‘Class’, Do You Know What That Spells?

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• I fail to understand how this is so controversial. During a senior class photo, students lined up in t-shirts to spell “CLASS OF 2010,” only the two kids wearing the “C” and the “L” shirts moved back a couple of rows. Holy crap! Do you know what that spells? ASS OF 2010! Who will think of the children? Jesus, be thankful no student was shot and no teacher was banging the “C” and “L” t-shirt kids. [MSNBC/AP]

• Terry Bradshaw thinks that Brett Favre will play another year if the Vikings don’t win the Super Bowl. Thanks for the insight, Terry. [The Huddle]

• The Dodgers and Reds will play a spring training game in Las Vegas. [Las Vegas Sun]

• Aw, man. Sadly, Jon Cryer was not murdered. Sigh. [Warming Glow]

• You know, I could really use some Mario Lemieux bottle caps. [P.S.A.M.P.]

• Hooray! The Minnesota Timberwolves dancers did Maxim! [Epic Carnival]

• Heartbreaking. Some bowler rolled a nine in the 10th frame of his third game, missing a perfect 900 series by one pin. [Out of Bounds]

• The Top 11 changes that can be found in an all-white basketball league. [Five Tool Tool]

• Finally, an online audition test for Jeopardy is coming. I’ve always wanted to go on that show. No, really, I am a fairly intelligent person. [Pop Candy]

• It’s a sad day in the Will Leitch household: Rick Ankiel has signed with the Kansas City Royals. [Fox Sports]

• Poor bastard. Jimmy Traina of SI must have drawn the shortest straw because he had to suffer the indignity of interviewing The Rock. [Extra Mustard]

Tron Legacy now has a movie poster. Sweet. [Film Drunk]

• Dee Mirich probably had to change her undergarments after reading the news that Barbaro’s brother broke his maiden in his third race. [SI/AP]

• Coach Ryan prepares a feast. No, Coach, HOW THE FUCK YOU DOIN’? [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Detroit Tigers player Miguel Cabrera is getting treated for alcoholism. [SI/AP]

The Onion Headline of the Day:Man Stuck In No-Man’s Land Between Two Domino’s Delivery Areas” [The Onion]

• This kid is awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Adam Peterson. He’s got spirit. [H/T Total Pro Sports]

• Oh my. One of the greatest things ever. Here’s a version of “Super Bowl Shuffle” called “Sex Offender Shuffle.” Egad. [H/T With Leather]