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How About A ‘Joe Namath Is A Senile, Whiskey-Soaked Old Coot’ Joke?


Alright, I have no idea how stand-up comedy translates to the written word on a sports blog, but here goes:

Hey everybody. How’s it going? Great looking crowd out there, just great. So, I was reading that Joe Namath sees a lot of similarities between Jets team he shockingly led to a victory over the Colts in Super Bowl III and the Jets team that will take the field Sunday to take on the Colts in a big game once again. Did ya, did ya hear about this?

Yeah. So, uh, so when he was pressed to say what the similarities were that he saw, Namath mentioned their uniforms looked eerily similar to the ones his team wore – so much so it couldn’t be a coincidence.

You know, because Joe Namath is like, really old and stuff and probably can’t even remember what he ate for lunch yesterday let alone how his team played in a game 40+ years ago? And that he might not even recognize that the Jets are the same team he played for?

Hey! I don’t go down to where you work and knock your dick out of my mouth!! Wait, I mean, I don’t go down at your work anymore. No. Aww, shit. Forget it.

Yeah, that didn’t go too well. It was worth a shot, I guess.

You know, just looking at that photo, it’s interesting to think that Broadway Joe outlived Farrah. No one would have figured that is how it would play out 20 years ago. Life is weird that way. Say, that reminds me of a joke I heard about rectal cancer…

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