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As It Is With Time, Video Games Wait For No Man (Or Their Crippling Case Of Blue Balls, Incidentally)


EA Sports has announced, despite the fact that the title character’s personal and professional life is in shambles, that it is going ahead with its original plan and will release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 in June, following the release of an online version of the game on Thursday (say what?). Since signing a partnership with Woods in 1997, EA Sports has released 11 versions of the popular golf simulation.

EA Sports president Peter Moore said earlier this month that they would continue to support Tiger despite the shitstorm that his life has become, because, hey, let’s be honest here, no one in their right mind will purchase Has Anybody Here Ever Heard Of Kenny Perry? PGA Tour 11.

“We didn’t form a relationship with him so that he could act as an arm’s length endorser,” EA Sports President Peter Moore said earlier this month. “Regardless of what’s happening in his personal life … Tiger Woods is still one of the greatest athletes in history.

Indeed he is. Apparently, Tiger’s personal problems couldn’t have come at a worse time for the struggling software giant, as it has recently cut its 2010 fiscal forecast dramatically after weak holiday sales. So I guess you could say that neither EA Sports or Tiger Woods  had a super-terrific holiday season. But I guess that would be an understatement. Just like when I tell my boss I spend a little time on the internet every day.

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