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Wake N’ Blog For January 20th: Amsterdamians: ‘Keep Your Government Out Of Our Sex Trade!’

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• Big news out of the Red Light District in Amsterdam: the Deputy Mayor of the fine European city is proposing changing the opening hours of the District’s brothels and raising the age in which a woman can legally become a prostitute from 18 to 23. The mayor said on Dutch radio that, “Only the biggest creeps and boozers are walking around at those hours. Women really dread working then and sometimes the most vulnerable are used.” Not so fast, says a spokesperson for the local union for prostitutes (yes, they have a union): “This is not a good idea, this is the time when the prostitutes can make the most money. Quite the conundrum. As long as the government keeps their nose out of the hash bars, I guess. [Yahoo!/Reuters]

• Rachel Alexandra won the coveted Horse of the Year award. Dee Mirich weeps with joy. Or madness. One of the two. [Yahoo!/AP]

• PGA pro Luke Donald fired his caddy. The awkward part is that his caddy happened to be his brother. [Game On!]

• Fundamentals Power! Some guy is trying to start an all-white basketball league. [With Leather]

• Take that, you loudmouthed, fancy suit-wearing Canuck! Bobby Orr’s hand-picked team beat Don Cherry’s in the NHL/CHL Top Prospects skills competition Tuesday. [TSN]

• Playing the Google Search game with Bernie Kosar yields interesting results. [The Sports Hernia]

• The best amateur ski jump fails of all-time. [Epic Carnival]

• Winner for headline of the day: “Ryan worth his weight in gold. [New York Post]

• The Wall Street Journal says you are not allowed to root against the Saints. [Fan IQ]

• Absolutely correct: bobsledding pants-splitter gal video was begging for animated .gif mockery. [Tirico Suave]

• The LA Sports Awards must have really low standards: Pau Gasol is set to receive their Sportsman of the Year Award. [The Fabulous Forum]

• Video of John Daly’s appearance on Sports Soup. Killer jacket, John! [Devil Ball Golf]

• South Dakota State basketball coach Scott Nagy will go barefoot to raise money for Haiti. [SI/AP]

• Sergio Garcia pontificates and states that Tiger Woods will be back sooner than expected. Well, if Garcia is anything, he is reliable. [Yahoo!/AP]

• Who among us doesn’t need a desk vacuum decked out like a Zamboni? Brilliant! [Puck Daddy]

• Japanese commercials featuring acting legend Charles Bronson are interesting. [Film Drunk]

• Truly a bizarre day in NFL coaching news. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

• Talk about laying it on thick:  MLB great Carlton Fisk ain’t a big fan of Mark McGwire. [Last Angry Fan]

• Finally, the trailer for the upcoming film based on a recurring SNL character: MacGruber. Surprisingly, it’s not half-bad.

[via Entertainment Weekly]