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Teddy Dupay Wants To Legalize Pot And He’s Willing To Pay You For Your Support


Some of you may not be familiar with Teddy Dupay. To be honest, I recognized his name and remembered some stuff about him, but I either had forgotten or was never aware of how great he was as a high school basketball phenom (he averaged 41.5 points per game before he became even more well-known playing at the University of Florida. Dupay’s career was cut short after he found himself entangled in a gambling case, but he went on to play basketball in Ecuador, among other more nefarious pursuits, including being charged in June 2008 with felony rape, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping after a fight with his girlfriend. He later pleaded guilty to lesser charges, ultimately serving 30 days in jail, getting released and put on probation less than four months ago.

Fanhouse has a fascinating profile on the interesting and charismatic Dupay, including a discussion of what has become his latest endeavor: legalizing pot.

Since walking out of Summit County Jail four months ago, Dupay, now 30, has spent little time worrying about repairing his reputation. He has another cause; a far more ambitious one he believes can solve much of America’s biggest problems.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to S’Boalnation, the latest in a long line of advocacy groups promoting the legalization of marijuana, only this time through a marketing network strategy. In December, Dupay the CEO launched his business via its Web site and YouTube, and Friday pitched the new endeavor to syndicated radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge and his three million listeners.

“This is going to be big, I’m telling you. I feel like I’m on the ground floor of the Internet,” Dupay said. “We’re not the first advocacy group to realize pot is the answer to our country’s economic problems or environmental problems or dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil and medical ailments. But we are the first advocacy group that will pay you to stand up for what’s right.”


Here’s some video:

Brilliant. Entrepreneurial. Marijuana.

Put that in your pipe in smoke it.

Teddy Dupay Finally Finds Greener Grass [Fanhouse]