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Reuters Takes The ‘King’ James Moniker Into Ridiculous Territory With This Headline


Just a quick post before I head out for lunch. For some reason, this headline just struck me as kind of stupid. Yes, I understand theĀ  King James reference and all that, but “put Raptors to sword”? What’s next? “King James Angers Warriors By Invoking Primae Noctus After Triple-Double”?

Further, would the universe cave in on itself if LeBron James decided he wanted to play for Sacramento?

Heavy stuff, man. Probably a question that shouldn’t be contemplated on an empty stomach. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get a Whopper at Burger…

Hey, wait a second. All this king stuff has gotten into my head. Damn you, LeBron James.

“King” James helps Cavaliers put Raptors to sword [Reuters]