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The Stanley Cup Went Missing Briefly After Mix-Up At Airport


Sure, it’s not the first time an airline has lost a piece of luggage, but leave it to them to misplace such a valuable piece of cargo. I mean, come on, how do you lose the Stanley Cup?

On Sunday, before a flight to Vancouver for a charity appearance, Mike Bolt, the so-called “Keeper of the Cup,” who travels over 200 days a year with Lord Stanley’s Cup, checked the unmarked case which holds the Cup at the New Jersey airport. When he landed in Vancouver and went to recover the case, it was nowhere to be found.

I wasn’t expecting a problem since it’s such a simple flight with no connections,” Bolt, who has been traveling with the Stanley Cup for 10 years, told Reuters. “Anyway, they call me over and tell me the package is not there.”

See, not expecting any problems is where Bolt made his error in judgment. That’s when the airlines will screw you every time. When you least expect it. And what’s the deal with those bag of peanuts they give you? I mean, who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?

Anyway, the Cup was thankfully located – it ended up in Toronto because the case carrying it the priceless cargo was tagged with both Vancouver and Toronto airport codes. Good job, New Jersey airport baggage handlers. The Cup was back in the safe hands of Mr. Bolt several hours later but due to the delay, the Cup missed its scheduled appearance. I bet this never would have happened if Bolt chose to fly with Southwest Airlines. Those folks love and treasure your bags – they say so right in their commercials and we all know that commercials never lie.

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