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Despite being away from the sport for nearly four years, Sasha Cohen is still the biggest name in figure skating. It’s not hard to see why, with her incredible skill, competitive spirit, beauty and most importantly, her mind-bending flexibility. Oh, the flexibility.

“Everybody thinks so many different things,” Cohen said after the mere confirmation she would be at nationals generated more buzz than anything any of the current U.S. women have done. “Some people love me, some people hate me. Some people think I’m going to compete for the next 10 years, some people were ready to write me off five years ago. You can’t listen to what people say.”

Maybe Sasha can choose to not listen to what people say, but it would be nice if she stopped sending back my love letters painstakingly written using cut-up letters out of magazines and newspapers. Oh, and my Sasha Cohen macaroni art? Came back smashed into pieces. I’m blaming the post office for that one…

(begins drifting off…)

Whoa. Where was I? Man, you know what? I was going to hit the high points of the lengthy profile of the lovely Miss Cohen that can be found at the Sporting News, but my heart is just not into it today. I am hungover, tired and just want this day to be over with. Go ahead and read the article for yourself. I assume it is very interesting and enlightening, but how in the hell would I know? I didn’t read the whole thing. I did mention it was long, right?

Instead, here’s a mini photo gallery of Sasha in all her glory. Commence ogling. Really, it’s the only reason you are reading this post anyway.

Four years later, Cohen as captivating as ever [Sporting News]