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Cowboys Fans Aren’t Buying What Keith Brooking Is Selling


Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking had his itty-bitty feelings hurt by the big bad Minnesota Vikings. Unable to stop the Vikings the entire game and Vikings leading 27-3, Brooking took issue with how Minnesota elected to have Brett Favre run a pass play. Let’s allow Chris Chase of Shutdown Corner set the stage:

After the second turnover on downs, Minnesota took over on Dallas’ 37-yard line. With 5:26 remaining and the Vikes holding a nearly insurmountable lead, runs to milk the clock were expected. But after an Adrian Peterson run on first down, Favre hit Bernard Berrian for 19 yards on the next play. Two Peterson runs followed, before Favre threw a short three-yard pass to bring up fourth-and-three after the two minute warning.

Here, the Vikes had four choices: 1. They could take a knee and give Dallas the ball back for the game’s final two minutes; 2. Wave a partial white flag and run the ball up the middle; 3. Kick a field goal (which also could have been percevied as running up the score); 4. Drop Favre back to attempt a pass.

Of course, we all know what happened next: Favre found tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in the endzone for an 11-yard touchdown pass. Brooking took exception, going over to the Vikings sideline to get in the face of anyone willing to listen to him. After the game, Brooking called it “classless.”

“I thought it was totally classless and disrespectful. This is the NFL, that’s not what this is about. I don’t think there’s a place for that … I was looking for [Vikings coach Brad] Childress. I didn’t think it was right, but they’ve got to see us next year.”

Hey Brooking, do you want a little cheese with your whine?

I am fairly confident we can all agree that this is professional football and if you don’t want somebody running up the score on your team, stop them. Brooking also neglects to mention that it could be said that Dallas ran up the score on Philadelphia in Week 17. With the Cowboys leading 24-0 and facing a 4th and 2 at the Eagles’ 35 yard line, Romo dropped back to pass and the only thing that prevented the Cowboys to continue the drive and score again was that Romo was sacked.

But Brooking likely considers this to be a completely different situation, because, you know, it was happening to his team this time. Dallas head coach Wade Phillips declined to comment on the issue. Further, and unfortunately for Brooking, the Dallas fans hanging out and commenting on the article in the The Dallas Morning News detailing Brooking’s thoughts are not backing him up. At the time of writing of this post, there are 328 comments and most of them take Brooking to task for his bitchy, sore loser attitude. Here’s but a sampling of some of the more recent comments:

Posted by Dadgolf | less than one minute ago

Wake up Brooking. You got your butt whipped – take it like a man. Stop crying and go blow your nose.
Last week you ran it up on the Eagles and still had all starters playing and passing for more points late in the 4th qtr. That is how it goes when one team can’t stop the other in the Playoffs.

Posted by tasintheptc | 15 minutes ago

Brookings is such a lil baby for even crying about it and making a federal freaking case over it. I’m sure if hte situation were reversed and dallas had ran up the score that pansy wouldn’t have had an issue. Just because they got pwned by the vikings he had to cry about it. If you don’t like it Brooknigs then figure out a way to shut em down!

Posted by HomerJ | 21 minutes ago

Brooking should know about CLASSLESS, how classy was he when he taunted the Atlanta Falcons after a Cowboys win earlier this year? If the Cowpies were giving up, they should have punted the ball instead of going for it on 4th down and giving us the ball at the 30 yard line. Keith Brooking is a little whiny diva. And if you look at the replay of the TD he doesnt even move from his pre snap position, just sits there. if you are that concerned about a TD, go cover the Tight End.

Posted by NightFly | 43 minutes ago

Brooking,,, didn’t the Cowboys run up the score on the Eagles? Dude it’s football. It was a hard lost, we understand. But a grown man whining, is unacceptable. And running over to the coach was one of the most “classless” things in sports history! Chill out, come back next year and have a great season. In the meantime, enjoy the off season. Do the classy thing and send both Brett and Coach Childress a formal apology. Just be the man, we all know you are. Be a leader. A classy leader.

Posted by trajanee | 53 minutes ago

Hey Brookings: I’ve got some Puffs Tissue with lotion for your tantrum you had last night. Instead of crying salty tears about how the Vikes scored on 4 and 3, maybe you should learn how to be a defensive player. Your job is to STOP the opposing team from scoring. So put your big boy pants on and be a loser with some class. We will see you next year..

Posted by bnice | 1 hour ago

Having the Brookings and the Cowboys lecture on sportsmanship and class is ridiculous. Do you really think Austin’s first down dance is classy? Barber’s? Bradie James sack dance? Was Brookings embarassed by the lack of class shown when it was Romo still in the game and throwing against the Eagles when the game was over?

For a guy who talks the talk like Brookings does, it seems downright pathetic to be asking for a mercy rule.

Posted by MojoJimi | 1 hour ago

Maybe Barber and Austin didnt get enough time to boast about their 3 yard gains and first down catches. I have never seen two players like Barber and Austin and lets not forget Roy Williams UT salute do so much celebrating over plays that never mattered at the end of a game. Maybe Williams, Barber and Austin might consider waiting until the final horn before celebrating 3 yard runs and first downs. You dont want scored on, then keep playing defense you crybabies! You want the game to end, stop calling timeouts! Next year the league needs to issue ‘white flags” too so any coach who wants to cry “UNCLE” will be able to inact the new rule known as the “CRYBOY RULE” in honor of all the Cowpie players and fans whining about something they themselves have been guilty of many times over the years. There’s no crying in Pro sports. The game is played for 60 minutes, not 58. Way to make all of Dallas look like a bunch of crybabies Brookings.

Finally, pointblast comes along and sums up the loss with an awesome zinger:

Posted by pointblast | 1 hour ago

Who is classless? Try tackling somebody, loser. If Favre just stood there, you would have hit him. And quit calling your loser selves “america’s Team”. YOu are America’s embarassment.
Romo couldn’t score in a women’s prison with a pocketful of pardons.

Heh. Pocketful of pardons. Well played.

No matter which side of the fence you are on regarding whether or not the Vikings ran up the score on the Cowboys, reading into Vikings head coach Brad Childress’ postgame comments indicates that Chilly might have been sick and tired of hearing about how Dallas was going to manhandle his squad:

“I heard all that nonsense and all the hype about the Dallas Cowboys coming to town, the hottest team in the playoffs,” Childress said. “I asked my team early in the week to choke it back and shut up. We will play the game when we get here on Sunday. The game is always won on the football field.”

So, there you have it. To summarize, Keith Brooking is a whiny little bitch, Dallas fans are pissed, Brad Childress sought revenge and got it and Brett Favre is thinking you look like a fool with your pants on the ground.

Speaking of the gunslinger and just for the fun of it, here’s an unsubstantiated rumor purported by one Morning News commenter. A story this crazy has got to be true!

Posted by lcurn | less than one minute ago

I would like to make a comment about Bret Farves’ dance in the lockerroom
yesterday. My husband and I are Texas born.My husband’s job brought us to Louisiana. About 10 yrs. ago, my husband went down to the Chandeleur Islands to fish. A very remote, iconic fishing spot off the coast of LA.He
was told that the week before Brett had been there and brought some teammates. There was a little old man that was flown out to cook. Brett did not call him by name but instead reffered to him as ‘pops.’ In the wee
hours of the morning the old man said he was going to bed. Story goes that Bret grabbed him by the arm and said your not going to bed old man, fix me another drink! Rumor has it Bret ended up with a knife to his throat begging for mercy in front of all his friends. So go ahead and sing
Bret, but due to your overinflated ego, I imagine your pants have been down and you were looking the fool many more times than not. That is why they will end up having to carry you off the field, because if your not Mr. Big Football your only a shell of a man. Pathetic. Kudos to Brookings for calling it what it was..Classless.That is Bret Farve!

Fix me another drink! Seriously? If Favre did indeed say that, he was probably just having fun in there. The cabin, that is.

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