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Wake N’ Blog For January 15th: Holy Crap! Has Anyone Seen Grandma?

wake-n-blogWake N’ Blog is now the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. It was pretty lonely here at SOB yesterday, since the blog’s writer never got back to his office.

• 78-year-old grandmother Gabrielle Shaink of Florida was arrested for driving with a suspended or revoked license in November and spent 15 days in the slammer before prosecutors figured out her whereabouts after she failed to show up for court appearances. She was ultimately released and charges were dropped. [MSNBC]

• Troy Polamalu dressed up as green man. But I have to disagree with this post’s assertion, Charlie Kelly’s version was way better. [P.S.A.M.P.]

• Get well soon, Rue McClanahan. [TV Guide]

• If the Cowboys manage to beat the Vikings on Sunday in their NFL divisional game, there’s really no point for Dallas to play in the NFC Championship, at least according to Cris Collinsworth, because by doing so, the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl. [The Huddle]

• If you don’t make Drew Magary’s NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo a part of your weekly reading routine, you are missing out. Also, you’re a moron. [Deadspin]

• British bobbies are in deep doo-doo for using their riot gear shields as sleds. First off all, bobbies are British police officers. Secondly, bobbies? [MSNBC]

• Major League Baseball has donated $1 million of aid relief to Haiti. [SI/AP]

• Not wanting to be outdone by the MLB, the NHL has donated $100,000 as well. Okay, they were outdone. []

• Chris Hanson’s Axe goes off-topic to rant about the quality of the “new and improved” Domino’s pizza. I have to agree, the pizza ain’t that great. [Style Points]

• Another off-topic, um topic, from a sports blog: why would a gym not have a drinking fountain? [Simon on Sports]

• Jeff Dubay, disgraced former sports talk radio host in the Twin Cities, was busted again for coke. Sure, a bit of a provincial story, but you have to read about this fucked up dude. [Busted Coverage]

• Speaking of disgraces, despite getting shitcanned by ESPN, the voice of Steve Phillips will still be heard on MLB 2K10. [FirstCuts]

• The 10 best snowmobile fails of all-time. Brilliant. [Epic Carnival]

• Steve Nash looks like a vampire in this photo. Even more than usual. [Ball Don’t Lie]

• The site of the Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament is facing foreclosure. [Yahoo!/AP]

• In the lastest KSK Coach Ryan installment, he gets an unwelcome visitor. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Here’s what happens! Do you see what happens, Larry? This is what happens when a German midget laughs at a camel! [Uncoached]

• I wasn’t able to comment on this yesterday as I was kept away from my desk much longer than I had anticipated, but the Wild’s John Scott absolutely pummeled Vancouver’s Alexandre Bolduc. Enjoy the carnage.

• Finally, courtesy of Stephen Colbert, a discussion of Mark McGwire and his case of “pussy eye.” [H/T With Leather]

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