Sportress of Blogitude

Site News: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag


Of course, by “Papa,” I mean me and by “Brand New Bag” I mean another weekend editing gig at a prominent sports blog.

That’s right, kids. Somehow, Ol’ Weed has managed to trick yet another blog into allowing me to sully their good reputation¬† – this time it’s at Out of Bounds over on Many of you are undoubtedly aware that Out of Bounds is run by none other than Rick Chandler, one of the O.G. Deadspin writers from back in the day.

So, please stop by Out of Bounds this weekend and say hello. I promised Rick that simply through the dedicated readership of the Sportress, I could generate an thousands hundreds tens maybe two or three additional visitors to his site. Now don’t go and make me look like a fool – I do a plenty good job of that on my own.