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Wake N’ Blog (January 13th): McWoman’s McCheeseburger At McDonald’s McMakes Her Go McCrazy

wake-n-blogWake N’ Blog will now serve as the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. And today, 100% free of Lane Kiffin stories! Is anyone else completely bored with this story already? It’s only been 12 hours and I cannot bear hearing about it anymore. Screw that guy. Anyway, enjoy the links, but not too much. Everything in moderation, folks.

• Via the AP: “A woman has been charged with trashing a McDonald’s restaurant in Missouri because she was unhappy with her cheeseburger. Police said they received many tips after releasing video of the Dec. 27 incident.” Jeez lady. Calm down. And if she had half a brain, she should have known to go to Burger King. Even a grown man-baby born yesterday knows that BK cheeseburgers are meatier and fire-grilled – especially the doubles. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the video follows.

Yowsers. Imagine what would have happened if they had run out of McNuggets. [MSNBC/AP]

• Is it just me, or does Bode Miller come off as a douche in this interview? You know, by being himself. [The Seattle Times]

• Texas quarterback Colt McCoy proposed to his girlfriend by bringing her to Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium and putting “Will You Marry Me?” on the jumbotron. This is actually considered classy in Texas. [Out of Bounds]

• Chuck Knoblockhead on racial equality and the Rooney Rule. And as he put it to me, “I guarantee it’s the only analysis of the Rooney Rule you’ll find that involves John Quincy Adams having sex on the floor of the House of Representatives.” This was intriguing. [Style Points]

• Praise be to Vishnu! The Indian hockey strike is over. When I linked to a story about the strike yesterday, I ignorantly assumed it was ice hockey – which made it funny – but alas, it was field hockey or something, so it’s not as funny. So why am I linking to this story? Simple. Closure. [BBC]

• Exhibit Number 9,500,679 illustrating how journalists are lazy bastards. Apparently, New York Jets wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery has an essentially meaningless rivalry with San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and some guy decided to write about it, even though it is completely uninteresting. [Second-String Fullback]

• Good call: the Jaguars are lowering some ticket prices for the 2010 season. Maybe they’ll even have a sellout for a game next season. [Yahoo!/AP]

• Rob Iracane has his Mark McGwire Confession Report Card for your reading pleasure. But a “D” for interior decorators? C’mon Rob! [Walkoff Walk]

• A solid mashup video of Tony Montana and Star Wars. [Uncoached]

• An inside look at the hiring process of the Seattle Seahawks. With pictures! [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• The title of this post: “The Greatest Undie Run Arrest Photo In The History Of Undie Runs.” Enough said. [Busted Coverage]

• In case you missed it, Rick Pitino busted out the Colonel Sanders suit again on Monday. Hey, if you could get away with wearing this atrocity and still bang women on the tables of restaurants, you would wear it. Admit it. [The Dagger]

• Awesome: random videos of people wiping out while sledding. [Deuce of Davenport]

• More awesome: the 10 best videos of people imitating the “Elaine Dance.” Sweet fancy Moses! [Epic Carnival]

• Now, as a lifelong resident of Minnesota and a survivor of some of the state’s harshest and iciest winters, I have seen the below scenario play out many times, just not to this level of epic failitude. [H/T Don Chavez]

• Finally, Jimmy Kimmel lampooned Jay Leno by dressing up as him on his show last night. Best part is the guests (Chevy Chase and Elisha Cuthbert) played along with the bit. [H/T (with additional video) Pop Candy]

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