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This Just In: Tiger Woods Will Likely Never Drive A Brand New Car Again


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Tiger Woods, here comes this bit of terrible news: General Motors has pulled the plug on the cushy gig Woods had with automaker where they would provide him with new vehicles.

USA Today reports the automaker ended its arrangement with Woods in which he received free vehicles. GM spokeswoman tells the newspaper the agreement expired Dec. 31, more than a month after Woods crashed a Cadillac Escalade SUV outside his Florida home.

Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down. Never again will Tiger enjoy the thrill of experiencing that new car smell for the first time or slipping behind the wheel of a brand new car he can call his own. Nope, it’s used Hyundais, Kias or Ford Escorts for Eldrick from this point forward. A cryin’ shame, I tell you.

In a way, I can understand where GM is coming from. Photos like the one below are not the sort of product placement the company likely anticipated when they hitched their wagon, so to speak, to Tiger’s star.

tiger woods

It has been reported that every GM automobile that was on loan to Tiger has been returned to company, which leaves but one question left unanswered: what kind of car did Tiger drive to rehab for his sex addiction?

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