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In Interview, Jets QB Mark Sanchez Admits To Making Flash Cards, Explains Facial Hair


Mark Sanchez, fresh off an adequate performance – okay it was better than adequate, just not as spectacular as the media is making it out to be – in a the Jets’ 24-14 wild card round victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, sat down with Bill Eichenberger of the Sporting News for a little Q&A session, where he discussed the differences between his coach at USC, Pete Carroll and his current coach, Rex Ryan; how he prepares for games and his superstitions regarding his facial hair.

As any competent interviewer does, Eichenberger lobbed a floater at Sanchez to set the young quarterback at ease. But if you ask me, Eichenberger cut to the chase and dealt with the most pressing issue currently surrounding the Jets signal caller – what’s up with the beard, dude?

Q: How long have you had the beard?
A: How long have I had it? Good question. I haven’t shaved, and I think my parents hate it. But we’ve been winning, so I don’t want to change anything up.

Nice. Who knew Sanchez was such a rebel? “I’m never going to be like you, Dad!”

Eichenberger continues the interview with the usual questions dealing with the usual topics (i.e. confidence, teammates, etc.), but then he, probably in hopes that Sanchez will take a cheap shot at his former coach, Pete Carroll, poses the following question: “How is Ryan different from other coaches you’ve played for?”

And like a grizzled veteran, Sanchez sidesteps the question by initially providing an evasive response:

Coach (Pete) Carroll was a little different, but I think a different kind of different. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense, I guess.

A different kind of different? Huh? Does he mean like how gel deodorant is different than the more traditional stick deodorant in that both possess the capability of protecting you from odor and excessive perspiration but one won’t get on your shirt? And if so, which coach is which? If I were to guess, I would say Ryan is like a gel deodorant – it’s just a hunch.

After admitting that what he said made little sense (unless you use my handy deodorant analogy – you’re welcome), Sanchez expanded on the differences in the different kind of different in how the coaches differ:

Rex is so real. He doesn’t hide anything. He tells us exactly what he thinks of other teams. If he thinks there is a weak link on another team, he’ll tell us. If he thinks that so-and-so is a great player or we didn’t have a good practice, he doesn’t blow smoke. He doesn’t just try to pump you up. He’s so genuine and real. … You want to play for him. You want do well for him.

So real? Sammy Sosa* approves.

* I will make any stretch needed in order to embed this video in a post

And if you think Sanchez isn’t completely dedicated to his craft, would it change your mind to know that he makes flash cards?

Q: How did you work your way through some of the more difficult parts of this season?
A: A lot of it was just keeping up with the routine. … I was here late watching film. I’d take my film home, study the plays, make flashcards.

Awesome. Who would have thought that something that helped you master multiplication tables and state capitals in elementary school could be such a valuable tool in learning the ins and outs of playing quarterback in the NFL?

Thanks, Mark Sanchez. Now I am going to spend the rest of the day trying to come up with new and inventive uses for flash cards. Dick.

Who am I kidding? Flash cards are stupid. Unless there was a way you could learn poise by using them. Now that would be a million dollar idea.

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