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If He Could, Phil Jackson Would Probably Take A Leak On The Alamo

phil jackson

You know, because Phil Jackson and Ozzy Osbourne are obviously kindred spirits, right?

Nah, probably not, but thankfully, Lakers head coach Phil Jackson answered a rather innocuous question about the city of  San Antonio before the Pau Gasol-less Los Angeles Lakers stunk up the joint in a 105-85 loss to the Spurs in San Antonio, because I imagine Jackson’s response would have been drenched with even more sarcasm.

Prior to the game on Tuesday, a reporter asked the coach whether he ran out of things to do during his latest trip to San Antonio. Jackson, who, according to this article in the Los Angeles Times, has previously made it well-known his distaste for the Alamo City, had this to say:

“I took a walk on the beautiful River Walk last night. There’s just some puddles here and there,” Jackson said. “This morning, the ducks were still out playing in the puddles, so it was kind of quaint. I understand they clean it up this time of the year, get in there and dredge it a little bit. There wasn’t much beauty in San Antonio this trip.”

In the grand scheme of things, Jackson’s playful dig at San Antonio can’t be considered terribly offensive, but if you imagine him saying it in that smug tone he often employs with that self-satisfied smirk on his face, I can see how his semi-sarcastic statement could get underneath the skin of some sensitive San Antonians.

But hey, what should anyone care what Phil Jackson has to say about San Antonio anyway? That town is a friggin’ shithole.

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