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Golfers On The PGA Tour Are A Bunch Of Wild And Crazy Guys


If you thought for even one second that the absence of Tiger Woods from the Tour would make for a boring and uneventful start of the PGA season, you better think again. There are still plenty of golfers on Tour that know how to have a  devilish good time away from the course while still accomplishing incredible feats inside the ropes to the delight of the dwindling galleries. At least that is most likely the case if the stories regarding the sort of outlandish shenanigans and senseless debauchery the Tour players are engaging in as they prepare for this weekend’s Honda Classic in Maui is any indication.

No, it’s not strippers and coke-fueled parties. That’s just silly. Gambling? So played.

You will never guess what those guys are up to over there in Maui. Prepare to get your socks knocked off.

iphone scrabble

iPhone Scrabble! Zowee!

From a column on by John Maggines (via Waggle Room):

The 28 guys in the field this week proved that as they caught up on stories and tried to shake off the winter rust. But there was still time for fun and games — and one of the most popular last week was iPhone Scrabble. That is not the actual name of the application but you understand the concept. In essence your scrabble board is on the screen and you play against other players on-line. Some of the players and caddies are hooked. The competition is fierce and the trash talking is significant. TOUR players would never talk trash to each other when it comes to golf but when it comes to an eight-letter word with a triple score — well, watch out.

Players and caddies are hooked? Fierce competition? Trash talking? Eight-letter word with a triple score?

Watch out indeed.

It’s good to know that a sport that has a reputation for being stuffy and uptight (before Tiger Woods came around) has members in its professional ranks that still know how to get down and dirty.

Because evidently, PGA players don’t need nothin’ but a good time, how can they resist?

Especially when you take into consideration that there’s an app for it – or some such nonsense.

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