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Oh wait. Wrong Rocky film.

Marc Crawford, the head coach of the Dallas Stars, clearly fresh out of ideas, attempted a somewhat unorthodox method of motivation the other day in an effort to get his struggling team (1-7-3 in its last 11 road games) back on track. In Philadelphia a day before the Stars were set to take the ice against the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night, Crawford stopped the team bus on the way to a practice Monday in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art so his team could take a gander at the spot Rocky Balboa famously ran up the steps.

As the team walked up the steps, some yahoo on the team started to play “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme song from the Rocky movies, on his cell phone. Of course, the players began to run, mimicking the Italian Stallion. Of course, a jolly good time was had by one and all.

“It was just a spur of the moment thing,” Crawford said. “Right now, you look for energy anywhere you can get it…I wasn’t sending a message or anything, it was just a gut reaction,” Crawford said of his decision to stop the bus. “But it’s a great story to follow, isn’t it?”

The ageless Mike Modano, who has played for the Stars organization for something like 35 years now, concurred.

“It was fun,” veteran Mike Modano said of the Rocky climb. “It was just something different. It does make for a great picture.”

Indeed. But probably not as much fun as Modano would have spending some alone time with his wife, Willa Ford, amirite? Given that Alzheimer’s hasn’t set in and he remembered to get his Viagra prescription filled.

So, how did it all turn out, you ask? Did the impromptu Rocky-jaunt get the Stars all pumped up to take on their personal Apollo Creed-like opponent, the Philadelphia Flyers?

Uhh, not so much. They got spanked by Philly 6-3 last night. Not good – not good at all.

But hey, at least it went marginally better than the last time Crawford allegedly attempted to employ unconventional motivation methods with a team he was coaching.

Ohhh, snap!

Ugh. I’m sorry, but that Bertuzzi video left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I need something to raise my spirits…

Awesome. Hey Crawford! I shoulda broke your thumbs! Or some other random Rocky reference.

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