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Wake N’ Blog (January 12th): Donate Blood For A Beer Buzz? Sign Me Up!

wake-n-blogWake N’ Blog will now be the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. It is chock full of linky, nuggy goodness.

• Via the AP: “A Washington state blood center is offering donors a deal: Give a pint of blood, get a pint of beer. Cascade Regional Blood Services in Tacoma says its “Give blood, get beer” promotion has worked so well that it’s being expanded.” People are willing to do shit for free beer? Color me shocked. [MSNBC/AP]

• Former UNLV head basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian called the NCAA “the crookedest organization in our society.” Strangely, coming in a close second, according to Tark: The Salvation Army. [SI/AP]

• Kevin Harlan is one of the best announcers in the business. When he called Timberwolves games back in the day with Kevin McHale, it was the only reason to tune in. Here’s Harlan’s radio call of Ray Rice’s touchdown for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. [Buster Sports via Hot Clicks]

• Golfing beauty Anna Rawson may be the new playing editor for Gold Digest. Schwing. [Waggle Room]

• Chris Hanson’s Axe has the inside scoop on how the DUI arrest of Brad Childress’ son really went down. [Style Points]

• The George W. Bush/Emmitt Smith conversation must have been awkwardly unintelligent in its epic-ness. Rick Chandler speculates how it went. [Out of Bounds]

• Of course it happened: an Arizona Cardinals fan and a Green Bay Packers fan mixed it up after the Wild Card playoff game. BC’s got the video goodness. [Busted Coverage]

• Vancouver Canucks winger Alex Burrows accused NHL referee Stephane Auger of having a personal vendetta against him. Natch. [Puck Daddy]

• Video of a sad, drunken Green Bay Packers fan sobbing on the subway. He must have just learned that there isn’t a Hickory Farms in New York City. Heartbreaking, I’m sure. [Deadspin]

• You can’t really make up your mind regarding how you feel about the whole Mark McGwire admitting to steroids saga without Jay Mariotti telling you what to think first. [Fanhouse]

• Hockey players in India have gone on strike. Wait, what? [BBC]

• Former D-Horn NHLer Theo Fleury took to his blog to hammer on the Calgary Flames organization. Wait. Canadians have blogs?

• Oh yeah. Speaking of Canadians having blogs, this is awesome. Courtesy of Gourmet Spud: The Punchable Faces of Brendan Fraser. God, that guy sucks. Brendan Fraser, not Gourmet Spud. [Food Court Lunch]

• I have no idea what is going in this video. Crazy Japanese television. “MOTHER OF MERCY, I DON’T SPEAK JAPANESE! MARY! CALL THE AMERICAN EMBASSY!!” [H/T The Sporting Blog]

And for the Japanese television reference:

• Italian soccer announcer absolutely loses his shit after Inter Milan beat Siena on Saturday. I mean he literally goes apeshit. [H/T Total Pro Sports]

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