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Olivia Namath Enjoys Dope Routes

olivia namath

Allow me to reveal to you to the new face for the subset of jet-setting, privileged youth who feel they are allowed to do whatever they want because their mommy or daddy is famous. Or alternatively, the face of someone who simply enjoys getting her drink on (like her papa) and smoke on (no word on whether or not Broadway Joe ever toked on the herb, but I’m guessing he did).

The photo above is the mugshot of one Olivia Namath, the 19-year-old daughter of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath. The young lady, traveling with two men, was arrested early Sunday morning after being pulled over in her silver Mercedes for speeding in Palm Beach County. After smelling the sweet, intoxicating odor of marijuana, police discovered an open bottle of Captain Morgan, 11 bottles of Miller Lite and a bag of grass on the driver’s side floorboard. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up the mother lode: 200 grams of buds – in baggies- stashed in the trunk.

Below are the charges filed against Ms. Namath, according the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office:

Original Bond: $3,000.00 Current Bond: $3,000.00
Original Bond: $0.00 Current Bond: $0.00
Original Bond: $0.00 Current Bond: $0.00

Namath was released on a $3,000 bond, but it is certainly not looking good for the young lady. I believe a fix might have been in the offing. What do we really know about the two men who were in the vehicle with her. Perhaps one of them was some sort of “mole,” hired by a person who is trying to take the Namath family down and further destroy their reputation, do you know what I mean?

Heh. (looks at mugshot) Mole.

According to the deputy’s report, Namath “denied any knowledge” of the marijuana. Makes sense. How often does it happen that you find the craziest stuff scattered about on the floorboards of your car? Just yesterday, I discovered a wrapper for a Chuckwagon sandwich and an autographed Hot August Night II album underneath my seat! No idea how that got there. The Chuckwagon wrapper, of course – those things are nasty.

When you take a moment to consider the situation, it really shouldn’t be that surprisingĀ  what has happened here. Obviously, Olivia inherited the “party gene” from her daddy, whose drunken and irresponsible exploits are the stuff of legend.

But here is something I continue to have trouble wrapping my brain around: why do these people busted for possession continue to insist onĀ  driving erratically – speeding, in this case – when they have a bunch of ganja in the car? Drive the speed limit, stay in your lane and wait to spark up until you get home. Nothing good rarely comes out of taking a good old fashioned dope route. This ain’t the ’60s anymore, Olivia – you simply cannot go around doing anything you want. Sure, it took your daddy 30 years to figure that out, but still.

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