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Maria Sharapova Signs Historic Endorsement Deal


Maria Sharapova has signed on with Nike to pimp their products to the tune of $70 million, the most lucrative contract ever signed by a female athlete. The eight-year deal with Nike, originally reported by Bloomberg News, surpasses  Рnay, blows the hell out of the water Рthe previous record, a five-year, $45 million contract signed by Venus Williams.

In light of the Tiger Woods controversy and the current frigid economic climate, it is indeed surprising that Nike offered her such a long and lucrative contract. Also, her age – in tennis years, that is – she’s only 22 for Christ’s sake – is perhaps an additional concern for the company.

What makes the deal even more remarkable is that Sharapova will be 30 by the time the contract is up. Given that she won Wimbledon as a 17-year-old and has had more than her fair share of injuries, there has to be a good chance that she will no longer be playing on the tour by then. The Russian had surgery on her right shoulder in October 2008 and only returned to the tour in May of last year.

Sexy, athletic – and a Russian, no less – not to mention supremely talented and now insanely rich? Man, I should have held onto that gal when I had the chance. Whaddya mean I’m full of shit? My spanish is a little rusty, but I believe the above quote in the photo from a December 2008 Spanish Vogue article translates as: “I love the man you know as Weed Against Speed. His sense of humor and rugged good looks make me want to jump out of my high-heel shoes.”

Sure, that’s not how Babel Fish would translate it, but you can trust me on this one.

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