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Last Call: ‘Now Why Would You Go And Shoot The Bartender?’ Edition


Konichiwa, bitches! Guess who’s back?

No. It’s me. Weed. You know, the guy who writes half-assed dickjokery that you will occasionally read if you have nothing better to do? Ringing a bell at all? Oh well.

Anyhoo, as I tend to do for these Last Call posts, here is another tale of a last call gone awry. Poor, poor Joshua Rock, a 22-year-old mouthbreather who, when denied last call at the Island Bar in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday, January 2nd, shot 29-year-old bartender Adam Christy twice in the stomach. Christy ended up in critical condition and Rock wound up at Butler County Prison charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. Man, no drink is worth that – unless it was the world’s biggest Long Island Iced Tea. Those are yummy.

Alrighty, on to the usual routine.


The Entree

  • Saturday Night Live, circa 1991: Massive Head Wound Harry


  • Katy Perry (I have to confess – I downloaded her entire album a couple of weeks ago – and it ain’t half bad for what it’s worth. Argh! What has happened to me?)




And for the ladies…


Steve Perry! Man, I have no idea what I was thinking picking him for all of you wonderful gals out there.

Oh, I must have been a dreamer
(must have been a dreamer I know)
And I must’ve been someone else
(someone else)

Yadda yadda yadda. Okay. Do what you do, kiddos.

Note: Apparently, some American Idol show is on tonight. Feel free to condemn it as an example of all that is wrong with American society as you wish. Or make fun of Ellen DeGenerate. God, I can’t stand that woman. Her gal-pal, Portia, on the other hand – not too shabby.