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Tom Brady: Master Of The Obvious


In the wake of his dreadful performance (3 interceptions, 1 lost fumble) in New England’s 33-14 loss to Baltimore on Sunday, Tom Brady, instead of going into hiding, faced the critics and owned up to his contributing role in the Debacle at Gillette Stadium during an interview today on WEEI in Boston.

Here’s Brady on how the Patriots played:

“It’s just one of those days where we didn’t put our best out there. If you’re going to beat the good teams, you’ve got to play well. We just didn’t.”

Now hold on a second here. Now is he saying that in order to beat a good team, you have to play well?

I’m sorry, but that is brilliant!

In light of Brady’s firm grasp on reality, here on some other nuggets of complete obviousisity (if it were an actual word) we could have expected from Brady during his interview, if only he had been prompted:

  • It’s cold in January in Foxborough
  • Ray Lewis is an intense football player
  • Gisele is an attractive woman
  • You need to outscore your opponent if you want any chance to win the game
  • Randy Moss always gives 100% effort – when he feels like it
  • White wide receivers are gritty competitors
  • Goats are a great accessory for a photo shoot
  • Ravens are birds
  • The below photo of him golfing is friggin’ hilarious

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