Sportress of Blogitude

The Report Of My (Blogging) Death Was An Exaggeration


Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers.

And here you thought you were rid of me. I suppose that is what you get for thinking – never a good idea.

You see, Ol’ Weed is just about finished with his self-imposed sabbatical (that being a few weeks primarily consisting of laying around, eating nachos and watching episodes of Spenser: For Hire and Hardcastle & McCormick on videocassette – I still would like to know what somebody did with my Cagney & Lacey tapes). And let me tell me you,  I am a better man for it. Relaxed, refreshed – a bit smelly and in need of a shower – but overall, ready to get back into the blogging game. And I believe we can all agree the blogosphere will be the better for it. Right?

By the way, a little trivia nugget: the Mark Twain quote in the title is the historically accurate version. There are many known variations of it, but this one is the Real Deal Holyfield. And of  course, “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers” line will always be remembered as a witty one-liner uttered by John McClane in the film, Die Hard; most people are not aware of the fact that the phrase was ripped off and can be originally found in a famous letter Mark Twain wrote to friend Henry H. Rogers. Who knew they spoke like that back then?

Moving on…

During my hiatus, I spent a great deal of time contemplating the direction the Sportress  has been heading and how it fit into my original overall vision for the site. To be honest, for awhile there it ceased to be an enjoyable pursuit. It felt more like a job – a job I wasn’t being paid for – while I was being paid to perform another job I was not performing. Pretty heady stuff, right?

So what am I getting at? Shit, even I am not completely sure where I am going with this long-winded, meandering essay. However, what I do know is that a few of the Sportress’ everyday features will be unceremoniously retired during this process, namely “Wake & Blog” and “Stuff To Tune In To…” They were a pain in the ass to write and it didn’t appear that anyone was reading them, although “Wake & Blog” may return in a different incarnation. I may also get rid of one of the two daily link dumps – not sure about that yet, either.

Further, I am going to attempt to become more focused with my writing as part of the overhaul. Instead of simply throwing shit at the wall and hoping something ultimately sticks, I will alternatively try to feature less fluff throughout the day. I hope that, in doing so, the decrease in quantity of posts will be inversely proportional to the quality of those that are published. We shall see how that all plays out.

I am not trying to blow anyone’s mind here with this profound statement, but in case you haven’t noticed, in essence, the Sportress is a sports blog (wha?). I mean, wouldn’t it be a tad peculiar if a site called “Sportress of Blogitude” were a blog about tricked-out Ford Escorts?

Now, just a thought here, but perhaps incorporating other areas of interest outside the world of sports into the content of the site could possibly end up being an engaging diversion. Thoughts?

Obviously, I have no idea what those would be, but if you have any suggestions, do let me know. The amazing thing about dickjokery is that it can be an equal-opportunity offender. It’s incredibly versatile in its versatility – and you can take that to the bank, mister. Or some other place of your liking.

With that said, if any of you have a suggestion on what you would like to see more of here on the Sportress, whether it be more coverage of specific events and/or sports or perhaps you have a good idea for an interesting recurring feature, be sure to let me know in the comments or by shooting me an e-mail. I will take any of your reasonable suggestions under advisement. By the way, even though requesting “more boobs” does not technically qualify under either of the above conditions, I will nevertheless consider your request if you can provide a compelling argument as to why I should do so.

To wrap this up, let me just say it’s good to be back. And thanks for dropping by. After all, you readers – and the (hopeful) enjoyment you derive out of reading this stuff – is what this is all about. As a man much, much wiser than me once said, “The gift that you give to me…no one knows.”

I believe said wise man was originally Mark Twain.