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Wade Phillips Must Have Been Thinking About Cheeseburgers Or Something


Much maligned Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips is a guy you love to laugh it. Portly? Check. Seems to be of low breeding? Absolutely. Doesn’t appear to know what he’s talking about most of the time? Indeed.

Phillips, deftly coaching his Cowboys through another December slide, said something in an interview after practice Thursday something which made little sense – not shocking in the least – but this little nugget of Wadeism is amusing in that you can almost picture what was going through his head when he said it. To wit:

“We have confidence in our football team. We’re not going to cow down to these guys. We think we can win. Every game we’ve been in so far, we thought we could win. I believe we feel the same way going into this one.”

Courtesy of a very unscientific experiment I performed researching the term “cow down” – Google Search – I can only find one other mention of those words together except for links to the very story I’m discussing: on Urban Dictionary for the phrase cow down der, which means “the police down the street.” Obviously.

I am working under the assumption that Phillips meant “bow down” or perhaps even “cower down”, but at that moment, his mind was obviously elsewhere.

Which leads me to only one conclusion: the fleshy Phillips simply had 100% Grade A American beef on the brain. I guess you can hardly blame him. Since he knows he is likely to get shitcanned in about a month, food may be the only source of comfort for the beleaguered, corpulent coach.

Come to think of it, I could go for a burger right about now. And it is still an hour away from lunch. Damn you, Wade Phillips!

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