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Who Does Ochocinco Think He Is, Tila Tequila?

OchocincoTilaTequilaAnother week, another opportunity for Chad Ochocinco to run his mouth.

Instead of focusing on how he and Carson Palmer to get Cincinnati’s anemic offense back on track heading into the Bengals’ matchup with the Chargers this weekend, Ochocinco has taken to Twitter – what else? – to challenge San Diego linebacker (and longtime Twitter rival – I cannot believe I just typed that)  Shawne Merriman to a fight.

“I will beat Shawne’s head in, right now,” he said. “It’s not even fun. This is not in fun. This is personal. Bring it on. It is what it is. I think he might be one of the only people I don’t really get along with. I want to fight. I’m not sure how to get the fight on without him suing me.”

I can’t say for certain, but I’m fairly confident that the suing reference was a subtle jab at Merriman’s current litigation against ex-girlfriend Tila Tequila. Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Of course, when asked about Ochocinco’s challenge, Merriman was more than happy to oblige and encourage the NFL jester’s antics:

“I’m not going to really explain the seriousness of it or where it’s at or how serious it is because we’re a few days away from Sunday,” Merriman said.

What kind of fight would it be?

“It would be a joke man,” Merriman said. “It’s like a little kid, you hold out your hand and you hold their head and they swing, you know, and they can’t do anything. It’s one of those things.”

Fascinating stuff. As mentioned above, this all stems from an ongoing Twitter war between the two players. In 2006, Ochocinco also mockingly did Merriman’s moronic “Lights Out” dance during a game which the wide receiver had two touchdowns and a Bengals record 260 yards receiving. The Chargers ultimately won that game 49-41 despite Ochocinco’s performance.

Ochocinco admits that this is more than likely when the rivalry started, but still won’t say exactly why he wants to fight Merriman or what it would accomplish.

“I don’t know. You just have somebody that, like, you have the itch, you just want to fight? That’s what it’s come to. I just want to fight.”

Although slightly amusing, this little episode is mostly a lame attempt at grabbing attention when there are far more important things for these two focus on. Instead of dealing with this right now, why don’t Ochocinco and Merriman solve this like normal, reasonable men after the season? You know, with a pay-per-view cage match?

Shit. We probably shouldn’t give either of these dolts any wild ideas.

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