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The Underbelly Of Professional Bull Riding Is Seedy, Druggy

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If the life of a professional bull rider wasn’t dangerous enough, now they have to worry about antisocial miscreants selling them hardcore drugs, because hey, shooting up smack and snorting blow is never the user’s fault right?

Evidently, that’s how U.S. Magistrate Judge William C. Beaman saw it during a hearing in Wyoming, as the three men now face trial in federal court due to charges that they sold 21-year-old bull rider Bryan J. Guthrie heroin and cocaine, which he subsequently overdosed on. Guthrie was found dead in his apartment on the morning of December 2nd.

Cheyenne residents Kyle Walla, 20, Joel D. Murdoch, 22, and Rhett T. Epler, 26, each face a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine or heroin, the use of which resulted in a death.

Christopher C. Tyson was arrested on the same charge Monday morning in Denver, according to authorities.

Damn right. Because there is no reason why a 21-year-old man should not be responsible for the drugs he put in his body. Goddamn drug dealers. I bet if these fellas weren’t around, there would have been no way in hell Guthrie ever would have scored the stuff.

According to Guthrie’s obituary, he might have had a bright future in bull riding.

He was a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association bull rider. For three months this year he held the No. 1 place in the PRCA world standings. Bryan was the 2003 National Junior Bullriding Champion and in 2007 he filled his PRCA permit to receive his card.

A very sad story, to be sure. Even though I was being a bit cynical about the drug charges against the young men who were Guthrie’s acquaintances, perhaps even friends, it’s always terrible to see a young person’s life drastically cut short, especially because of irresponsible drug use.

I guess that’s a good a reason as any for a person to always use heroin responsibly, or something.  Let this be a lesson to you kids out there: only (rodeo) clowns use drugs.

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