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Now, If Any Of You Out There Are Wondering What To Get Ol’ Weed For X-Mas, Here You Go

vikings chair

Fan-frickin-tastic. We had a little fun here yesterday at the expense of the ESPN Christmas tree ornament, so I just wanted to put this little beauty out there for your consideration. It would go great with all of my Fatheads and beanbag chairs in my man cave, which, ironically, is really a cave. I dug out a  humongous hole in my backyard and ran the cable and some extension cords out there and voila! My own little Fortress of Solitude.

Via FirstCuts:

Behold the Minnesota Vikings helmet chair. It appears to be in fantastic condition, with carefully polished shell and facemask. However, I’m particularly enamored of the brown velour upholstery on the seat cushion and back. Whether watching the Vikes or your favorite sitcom, in your truck bed at a tailgate or in your living room, if you’re looking to enjoy a truly good sit and look awesome doing it, this chair will probably fulfill your every need.

PRICE: $2,100

I’m sold. Now I understand that $2,100 is pretty steep in these trying economic times, but I think between my many dedicated readers, you guys should collectively be able to foot the bill. If my calculations are correct, I estimate it will only cost each of you $525.00. Plus shipping.

Oh wait. I forgot about HabsFan29. That lessens it by $105.00 for each of you. But Habs, use American money, not that weird-looking Canuckistanian stuff.

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