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Bill Walton Rapping Makes The Grateful Dead Sound Good By Comparison

Throw the lyrics down, big man! THROW THEM DOWN!

This video has been making its steady way around the tubes, but I’m fresh out of material for the day, so I thought I would give it a spin.

The kind souls over at NESW Sports transcribed the rap for the benefit of our blind readers who can’t see the video – wait, that made no sense at all. Anyhoo, here they are:

I’m Bill Walton,
I’m 6 feet 11
With the Celtics,
I’ve died and gone to heaven
The Houston Rockets have played us tough,
But Sampson and Delilah,
They just weren’t enough!”

No. Words.

This video will be haunting you in your dreams tonight.

No! No! Bill Walton Rapping Video! Make It Stop! [NESW Sports]