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Last Call: ‘Who Would Have Guessed I Would Want To Watch Last Call With Carson Daly’ Edition


Wonders never cease, my friends. I cannot believe it, either. I may actually watch Last Call with Carson Daly tonight. Well, not actually stay up that late – I’m too old for that sort of nonsense – but I might record the show with the old trusty DVR, because tonight, burlesque model Dita Von Teese will be making an appearance. Via the Examiner:

Dita Von Teese fans should set their DVRs now because the burlesque queen will be featured next Tuesday on Last Call with Carson Daly.

From her Twitter: “Shooting Last Call with Carson [sic] Daily today. Airs Dec 15th late night.”

It is likely that she will be on air to promote her new book, Dita: Stripteese. The burlesque star is currently on book tour and lucky residents in the Los Angeles area can get their books signed this weekend.

How very interesting. But I am left with one question: who is Von Teese’s agent? I mean, Carson Daly? Come on.


The Entree

  • The Simpsons intro with Legos – bad friggin’ ass.


  • More Dita Von Teese – why not?



And for the ladies…


Baron Von Raschke!

Have a nice evening, everyone.