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Andy Reid’s Chest Bump With DeSean Jackson Is Awkward, Hilarious

And what better way to illustrate awkward hilarity than with an animated gif? Phenomenal work done here by some fellow named Johnny Nas (via The700Level).

No announcement has been made by Eagles officials as of yet, but word on the street is DeSean Jackson is out 3-4 weeks with fractured ribs. Can you imagine the force of impact when you collide mid-air with someone as portly as Andy Reid? I bet when Reid hit the ground, every car alarm within a 10 block radius of the Meadowlands went off.

Nevertheless, you like to see that sort of enthusiasm from an NFL coach. They are usually so stuffy, standing there on the sidelines with their laminated cheat sheet looking all serious and stuff. The Eagles just finished putting up 45 points on the Giants in front of a national audience and securing a one-game lead in the NFC East, so why in the hell not?

I just feel bad for Jackson. That’s no way to treat a player who scored two touchdowns on a 72-yard punt return and a 60-yard reception. Get well soon, dude.

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