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Olympics-Themed Ecstasy Does Not Make Vancouver Officials Ecstatic

Olympic ecstacy pills 2009

Vancouver police seized 106,000 ecstasy pills – some bearing imprinted Olympic rings on them – while responding to a 911 call regarding a possible home invasion. The street value of the seized ecstasy is estimated to be around $1 million Canadian. Also seized was a six-ounce brick of cocaine worth roughly $17,000 on the street. Now that sounds like a party! Apparently, Canadians know how to throw down.

The officers arrived to find the front door kicked in and during a search of the residence for possible victims saw what appeared to be ecstasy, police said in a press release Thursday. They locked down the house to wait for a search warrant and called the Drug Squad.

I imagine the Drug Squad is kind of like the Mod Squad crossed with the Police Squad, only that they have totally kick-ass parties with the seized substances that are “accidentally” misappropriated.

The aforementioned Drug Squad arrested two individuals during the subsequent raid – but get this – they were ultimately released, but on two conditions: they were not to have contact with each other and were forbidden to attend any raves. So let that be a lesson to them and to all Canadians planning on getting mixed up in the drug trade: if you happen to be in a house with over $1 million worth of X as well as a nice block of what must have been uncut cocaine, you’re not going to be able to hang out with your buddy or go to any parties where said drugs may be consumed. Hardcore, man.

Oh, Canada. Your liberal drug laws are an inspiration to all nations. Not to mention your open-minded attitudes towards those who dabble in the sex trade. Those aren’t half-bad either. It almost makes me wish I was Canuckistanian. Or at the very least, be in Vancouver during the Olympics.

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