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If I Got To Decide The Name Of Annika’s New Perfume, I Would Have Went With Sprunt*


For all the guys out there still trying to figure out what to give that special lady in your life for Christmas – and no, I’m not talking about your mom. I’m referring to that hooker who doesn’t mind when you weep uncontrollably after sex. Sissy.

Now where was I before I began mocking your inability to find a women to sleep with you without having to pay her first? Oh yeah, Christmas. Well, if you’re looking for something new, something unique, do I have a lifesaver for you:

Annika: The Fragrance. That’s right, Annika Sorenstam has her own perfume.

Surprisingly, the fragrance contains “rich aromas of amber, vanilla, white flowers and fresh citrus,” not sickening odors of wet socks you accidentally left in your trunk for a week after Saturday’s rainy round.

Buyer beware, though: not only is it a bit spendy ($59.50 for a 1.7 oz. bottle! Wha?), it is possible that your wife or girlfriend will now be able to out-drive you while wearing this perfume – if she isn’t able to already, Nancy Boy.

* H/T George Carlin

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