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I Guess You Won’t Need Reservations At This Horse Track Anymore

blue ribbon downs

Not that you needed them before, but I digress. The Cherokee Nation has purchased the Blue Ribbon Downs horse racing track in Salisaw, Oklahoma. The track was closed two weeks ago by the previous owner.

The Cherokee Nation announced its purchase in a Thursday news release, but didn’t disclose the sale price or say whether the track would reopen. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma had owned the track since 2003.

The Cherokee Nation says it has no immediate plans for the property. The tribe also owns Will Rogers Downs in Claremore.

Yeah, I know – this isn’t particularly interesting let alone sports-related. But how else was I going to use that reservations line in the title? Let alone embed “Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)” by Paul Revere & The Raiders?

Accomplishing both of those things otherwise would have been pretty tricky. Now I can scratch two more items off my Sports Blogging Bucket List. Life really is about setting goals and accomplishing them, wouldn’t you agree? Now who else wants a refreshing and tasty bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Okay, how about just a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon instead? Still no?

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