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Uh, ‘/Dick Joke’?

Feed Demon

As many of you regular readers of the Sportress are most assuredly painfully aware of by now, I get a kick out of punny headlines. When they are intentional, I will hammer them mercilessly. On the other hand, if they are unintentional, I marvel at the accidental comedy that comes as a result from them.

More often than not, I’ll see a funny headline in my RSS Reader (as seen above), and click over to the article, do a screen cap and voila! An easy post that requires minimal effort.

Sometimes, the headline in the feed isn’t the exact headline of the article, so I unfortunately have to accept that my feeble attempt at lame, lazy humor has been thwarted. But this time, it was too good to pass up.

“Man City suffer new johnson blow”

Shaaaazaaaam! That’s hi-larious! Man City? Johnson blow? I’m sorry, but that’s some quality unintentional gay humor right there.

Oh, it isn’t? Well, maybe not to you but perhaps your sense of humor isn’t as sophistimicated as mine. You guys are lameoids, man.