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Tiger Woods Is Officially Now More Popular Than Britney Spears


At least if the number of unique visitors to their official websites are any indication.

From the very astute New York Times:

The scandal over Woods’s suspected misdeeds has elevated’s traffic drastically, although not into the Internet stratosphere. In the week ending Nov. 29 — the day he issued his statement about his car accident — the number of unique users soared to 488,000 visitors, according to Nielsen Online.

In that same period, it beat the 89,000 who visited

I understand what they are trying to do here, but really, Britney Spears? Is that whose website this writer chose to compare Tiger’s as a means to illustrate its popularity? Isn’t Britney Spears dead or something? There had to be a better choice out there to illustrate the increase in traffic on Tiger’s site instead of juxtaposing to Britney’s site.

Further, who are the nearly 90,000 ham-fisted mongoloids who are visiting Britney Spears official website? I cannot believe these people haven’t somehow managed to inadvertently swallow their tongues and choke to death if they are spending time perusing the life and times of one Britney Spears.

Although one interesting thought came out this bit of news: are we headed for a Britney-esque meltdown by Tiger in the near future? Is Tiger’s next move to tongue kiss Kanye West? Will tabloid photos soon appear of Tiger shaving his head and looking to be 40 pounds overweight?

To be honest, I can see it happening.

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