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I Suppose When You Are A Rams Fan, You Will Hang On To Anything You Can


You know things are going really bad for your favorite NFL team when one of the few bright spots in another dreadful season is how well your punter is playing.

But that appears to be the case for the 1-11 St. Louis Rams and their punter, Donnie Jones, who last week pinned the Chicago Bears deep in their own territory four times during a 17-9 loss. Sure the Rams lost, but how about that punter?

In fact, first-year head coach Steve Spagnuolo couldn’t be happier. Let me rephrase that: he could be a lot happier with how the season is going, but at least he isn’t planning on hanging himself anytime soon because of his team’s punting.

“Every day I grow more and more in appreciation for having that particular kind of punter,” Spagnuolo said. “It helps you defensively, it helps the whole team.

“I think he’s done a terrific job the whole year.”

So, I guess you could say the Rams have a pretty good punter. And nothing takes the sting away of a losing season knowing that the punter – the person a fan hates seeing on the field more than any other player – is having an outstanding season.


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