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I Believe This Might Be An Event In The Next Special Olympics

Well, if it isn’t, it should be.

As the wise folks over at Total Pro Sports perfectly articulate, “[t]his is a fail, plain and simple.” Oh, and that is putting it nicely. I don’t see a WNBA career in this gal’s future.

I have no idea what this girl was trying to accomplish here, but unless it was ramming her face into the base of the hoop, she screwed it up big time. Maybe if she didn’t run like she was trying to keep a turd in, she might have accomplished what she was setting out to do.

But then again, perhaps this is a piece of performance art that goes way over my head. You know, like a commentary on how Title IX really hasn’t benefited the advancement of participation in sports for young women. Because watching this gal face plant doesn’t really shine a friendly light on the athletic ability of the average female.

Girl Runs Smashes Face on Base of Baseketball Net (Video) [Total Pro Sports]