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Artist’s Depiction Of 2010 Winter Classic Is Like A Rockwell Painting

2010 Winter Classic

Just seeing this rendering causes me to be even more pumped up than I already was for the 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway Park on January 1st, when the Boston Bruins face off against the Philadelphia Flyers. I’m sure all of you will be watching as well. It’s not like anything else is on television on New Year’s Day.

And if you haven’t seen the Winter Classic commercial yet, take a moment and have a peek. It’s pretty neat.

Did I just refer to something as “neat”? What a tool.


And wouldn’t you agree that the artist’s rendering does look like a Rockwell piece? That guy was prolific, man. What an artist. Between all of those classic paintings and writing and performing the 80s hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me,” you could say that Rockwell fella was a double threat. Can you imagine how much Geico money that guy is rolling in now? Tons.

Witness the artistic splendor of the Fenway Park Winter Classic [Puck Daddy]