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‘We’re Talking About Meetings, Man’

bill belichick

Four players on the New England Patriots, including Randy Moss, were sent home from meetings earlier today by head coach Bill Belichick due to being late for an 8:00 a.m. meeting. Via tWWL:

In addition to Moss, the other players were defensive end Derrick Burgess and linebackers Adalius Thomas and Gary Guyton, according to the report. The players were apparently delayed by weather conditions, and will reportedly not be able to participate in team events Wednesday. All four were absent from Wednesday afternoon’s practice.

As to be expected, Belichick refused to confirm that the players were in fact sent home.

“Anything that happens with discipline on the team will stay between me and the players,” Belichick said Wednesday morning.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that we never used to hear about stuff like this coming out in the past regarding the Patriots, if in fact it ever happened at all. I’m certainly not the first person to speculate on this, but it certainly appears that we are beginning to see the first signs of cracks in the structural integrity of the Belichick Empire.

4th and 2, baby.

Oh, and the photo of Belichick’s wife and her magnificent breasts? No, it really has nothing to do with the story. That’s just a gift from me to you. Merry Christmas or whatever.

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