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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For December 9th

floydNHL Hockey. Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche. Hey! That’s the team I follow! The Minnesota Wild, that is. The Colorado Avalanche can go eat a dick as far as I’m concerned. Even if neither of these teams are your squad, it’s hockey in HD, so you should watch. [Versus, 9:00 ET]

NBA Basketball. Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks. Taking into account that the Bulls lost to the New Jersey Nets last night – the Nets! – it wouldn’t be surprising to see them come out with a spirited effort tonight. Or completely roll into a ball on the floor and cry like babies. [ESPN, 7:00 ET]

College Basketball Doubleheader. Georgia at St. John’s is first, followed up by Villanova at St. Joseph’s. St. Mark’s and St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s feel incredibly left out. [ESPN2, 7:00 ET]

Basic Cable Movie of the Night. A Christmas Story. If you were smart, you would watch this tonight. There’s no telling when it will be on again. And that last comment was complete sarcasm, by the way. [TNT, 10:00 ET]