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It Appears That Terrell Owens’ Goal Is To Become Completely Irrelevant Before He Retires

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Big news today out of Buffalo for fans of malcontent wide receivers with dwindling skills: Terrell Owens, in an interview with Fox Sports, has stated he intends on playing football for years to come, or maybe three. Via The Huddle:

“Realistically I could see at least two to three. I want to be able to walk away from this game under my own power and when I feel it’s time to walk away, not trying to prolong or there aren’t any milestones I want to accomplish. I just want to try to compete and help the team win a championship. So if I can do that for the next couple of years then I’ll be satisfied.”

Good for him. As long as there is a team out there willing to pay T.O., there should be no reason why he shouldn’t continue to play. But Owens just turned 36 on Monday, which makes him pretty long in the tooth as far as being young enough to be a dominant receiver in the NFL is concerned. Granted, Owens appears to have been on his best behavior in Buffalo this season, but his numbers are not what they used to be. Heading into this weekend’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Owens has only 43 receptions for 690 yards and a paltry 3 touchdowns, which puts him on pace to have his worst season statistically since his rookie year in 1996 when he played in San Francisco.

To put those numbers in perspective, in 2005 while playing for the Eagles – the season he was suspended for four games and then ultimately deactivated for the remainder of the season due to his disruptive behavior –  in only seven games, Owens had 47 catches for 763 yards and 6 touchdowns.

So, I’m not saying his career is over, but his best years are clearly behind him. Sure, it probably doesn’t help that he has been catching balls from from Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick this season, but what are ya gonna do, right?

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