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I Wonder If The Doctors Gave Gisele The ‘Husband Stitch’


The Second Coming has arrived, and we shall rejoice in the grandeur of this blessed event.

That’s right, folks. Tom Brady announced today that his blushing bride Gisele Bundchen squeezed out a bouncing baby boy on Tuesday.

“Everyone’s great,” Brady said. “I didn’t get much sleep.”

Well, of course he didn’t get much sleep. While Gisele was toiling away in labor, Tom was probably busy plowing prospective candidates for the nanny position. If Tom has learned anything from the great and talented professional athletes who have come before him, it’s that you better kick those nanny’s tires and test the tread, so to speak.

Which leads me to my next thought – do you think Gisele’s OB/GYN gave her the much-ballyhooed “husband stitch”? Some say it’s an urban legend, others say it is as real (and as necessary) as prenuptial agreements. I don’t know which side of the argument I fall on, although if the technology is there, why aren’t they using it? Throw new daddies a bone, dammmit.

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