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Friends Don’t Let Other Friends Shoot Up The Television Of Another Friend

Unless those friends are “Facebook friends” – then apparently all bets are off.

This video has been everywhere, but who am I not to drink from the teat of pageview goodness? Apparently, some guy bet his friends – ahem – Facebook friends – that if the Saints beat his beloved Redskins, he would let them shoot up his 60-inch flatscreen television.

And wouldn’t you know it? The Saints won in dramatic fashion, 33-30 in overtime.

And wouldn’t you know it? Those so-called friends made him honor the bet. And boy, did they have a rip-roarin’, hoot of a time doing it. But my word, the arsenal of weapons these guys brought along. These motherfuckers aren’t messing around – they are armed to the friggin’ teeth. Can we be certain that these low-bred hicks aren’t the brains behind some backwoods anti-government militia of some sort? Maybe not the brains, as clearly evidenced by the fact that they shoot the shit out of a person’s television, but you catch my drift.

[H/T With Leather]